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Reusable shoe covers are a must in many factories, food plants and medical institutions where hygiene is crucial, but they are also desirable in other places where you want to keep floors, or shoes, clean. These capsules are a tasteful option if you want to place a bowl of them somewhere to make them easily accessible and visible. Available in an array of different colors, they look a lot more pleasant than just a shoe cover dispenser.

These capsules are suitable for places where no shoe cover dispenser is needed for efficiency. They are also easy to carry with you if you have a meeting somewhere. You can tuck some in your handbag, or store some in your car.

Capacity: 2 covers (1 pair) per capsule Material: PE (Polyethylene) Size: 150 X 360 mm Weight: 6 gm Colors: Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Green

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